Friend of ACORN Clinic: Kellie Sweetin


testimonial-banner5The Dentist

She looked at my teeth,
they were a disaster.

She said “I’ll need concrete,”
and maybe some plaster.
First is the cleaning,
pick, shovel and file.

Pretty soon I’ll have
my original smile.
Next, she gave me
something for pain
my teeth stopped hurting
that’s something to gain.

She pulled a few
eye teeth and K-9.
When she was done,
I felt just fine.

My trip to the dentist
was a big adventure.

When they were finished,
I had a new denture.
I had good teeth,
many years ago.
Now a new smile,
the world to show.
The girls at ACORN
are a nice little crew.

If you have tooth problems,
you should go there, too.

Written by Kelli Sweetin
ACORN Clinic Dental Patient

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